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The Ask


Come betatest learning projects around your kitchen table!

The ask is simple:

  • Invite a few friends over to your kitchen table
  • Show them how make something on the web (we have tools to help)
  • Take pictures, share the hacks, and tell us how it went.

This round of betatesting runs from May 7 - 27.

We are looking especially for input from instructors, the Mozilla community, and youth.

Your feedback will be incorporated into the Summer Code Party starting June 23, where people all over the world will run learning & making events in their homes, schools and everywhere.

Mozparty circle.png

Get Started

1. Decide if you want to:

  • Test Webmaker Projects on your own. --> Select a project and complete it.
  • Or, test with friends around your kitchen table. --> Use this host guide to organize it.

2. Once you've finished testing, please fill out this questionnaire. and share thoughts on this etherpad.
3. Join on Thursday, May 31 for the betatester debrief call.

See what other betatesters have done.

Kitchen beta1.jpg Kitchen beta2.jpg Kitchen beta3.jpg


This round of betatesting will run from May 7 - 27. Any activity that takes place during that time can be part of the testing.

There will be a debrief call for all betatesters and the Summer Code Party team:

Other testing dates

Hive NYC Office Hours

  • Betatesting Mozilla Learning Projects with Hive NYC members
  • led by Jess Klein
  • May 9, NYC

Instructor Community Conference

  • led by Michelle Levesque
  • May 5, Toronto

Instructor Community Conference

  • led by Michelle Levesque
  • May 12th, Boston

London Learning Jam with Nesta

  • led by Erin Knight
  • May 24-26