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Thread answered status

Allow us to measure the effectiveness of forum support and to more easily find users who still need help. [2]

Required functionality

  • The original poster of a thread (if registered) will see a link next to each post that isn't theirs: "This post answered my question.". radio buttons below the common text area, "I'm still looking for help." (selected) and "I have my answer and require no further help."
  • Upon clicking this link, they will be brought to a confirmation screen.
    • Letting us know what helped you lets us improve ourselves. If you still need help, press Cancel. (this text sucks, but it's the general idea)
    • Choosing cancel brings them back to the forum thread, with no changes made.
    • Submitting Posting with "I have my answer..." marks the thread as answered.
    • Submitting with comments creates a new post and marks the thread as answered.
  • When a thread is answered, it gets a special icon in the thread listing.
  • When a thread is answered, the radio buttons don't appear.
  • Contributors will be able to filter threads - all threads, unanswered threads, answered threads.
  • We should be able to report stats on the number and percentage of answered and unanswered threads for a given time period.

What this isn't

  • The thread is not locked as the result of marking it as answered.
  • There is no requirement for anyone to unmark a thread as answered.

Extra credit

  • The user of the post that answered the question gets a rating (can use tiki's rating feature). This rating is visible next to their posts.

Registration from new post screen

Get more users registered so that they can find their questions more easily (by searching or by e-mail notification). [3] Mock up in bug.

Indicator for threads you've posted in

This would make it easier to follow up on suggestions given (for contributors) or to find questions asked (for end users). [4]

Required functionality

  • Highlight rows in the thread listing for threads that the current user has posted in. (Registered users only). Method of highlighting TBD (just put a class and will be handled by CSS).

What this isn't

  • No indication within a thread
  • No indication for other people's posts

List of thread with no replies

List of threads that don't have a reply yet. Useful to find people still needing help. [5]

Required functionality

  • A "filter" to see threads with no replies. Should only be accessible or visible by contributors.

What this isn't

  • A filter for n or more replies. Just 0.

Threads where the last reply was a contributor

When a contributor replies to a thread, more often than not there's nothing for other contributors to do until the user posts back.[6]

Required functionality

  • A highlight for threads where the last poster was a contributor.
    • Highlight the contributor's name in "Last post"
  • Can be visible to both end users and contributors.