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Add-ons support on SUMO

This is an early draft of how Firefox add-ons support could be integrated with SUMO. The goals are:

  1. To create a centralized place for Firefox support for users that eliminates the confusion about where to go for help depending on whether a problem is caused by Firefox or by an add-on.
  2. To provide add-ons developers with a support platform so they don't have to host content on their own servers or externally.


Add-on support start page

  • Each Firefox add-on gets its own support start page.
    • This will be a modified template of the normal Firefox support start page, and will be customizable (by the add-on author only?) just like any other wiki page.
    • By default, the landing page could automatically list all articles written for the add-on in question (though since it's a wiki page, it should be possible to override).

Support articles

  • Typically, an add-on would host 1-3 articles. In the most simple case, it might just be an FAQ, but for more popular add-ons, more problem-specific articles may be created.
  • When creating a new support article on SUMO, it should be possible to associate it with a specific add-on, just like it's possible to associate it with a specific version of Firefox or OS platform today.

Support forum

  • Each add-on gets its own "sub-forum" on SUMO for user questions not covered in the support articles.
    • Technically, we would use tagging to associate a support question with a specific add-on -- the questions would still end up in the same master Firefox support forum.
    • The author of the add-on (and anyone else for that matter) can easily set up an RSS feed for any support questions about their specific add-on.

Technical/Backend requirements

  • When submitting an extension on AMO, there should be an option to also create a support page on SUMO. If this is selected, an account should be created on SUMO (if the author doesn't already have one) and the support landing page for the add-on should be created.
  • The list of Firefox add-ons on AMO should be shared/synced with SUMO