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Support Android Aurora launch and Firefox OS Marketplace

SUMO needs to support the projected launch of Firefox Aurora Marketplace for Android and make the necessary progress to hit the goals related to the Firefox OS Marketplace later in Q2.

This goals is about completing everything is needed to properly market these 2 products.

Problem statement

  • Firefox Apps and Marketplace for Android will receive a push in Q1 and support for these users is required.
  • Firefox OS Apps and Marketplace is about to be launched in Q2 and the support program needs to be in place in a timely manner.

Desired outcome

This program is about ensuring that when the the Apps program is marketed, the end users have the ability to be supported the same way as other Mozilla and Firefox users are supported today.

This includes, support content for the most prominent features, support forums and feedback mechanism. It also includes the prework to set up a help-desk that will support paid apps. In the case that paid apps launch in Q1, this project will include email support for such apps.

Success metric

  • Article Visits
  • Article Helpfulness
  • # Support Questions


This project is dependent of the Apps and Marketplace programs. If the program delays this project will be delayed too.

Project plan / Timeline