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Build and Deployment Process for Tiki 5.1

Prep Work

  • Create a set of local code that represents the differences between SUMO and Tiki 5.1. Note this will not be a diff but a set of complete files, since SUMO code and Tiki code will be sourced from two different directories
  • Set up local git repository (already requested by AMO in bug 528360)
  • Make a git clone of TikiWiki SVN 5.1 and push it to our real git repository. The clone should be read only; we do not want to commit SUMO-only changes to Tiki.
  • Make local changes in our local repo
  • Reference for details: [via stackoverflow]

Day to day development

  • Checkout of local git repo and commit to it
  • At each release, review which changes are to be upstreamed to Tiki trunk
  • Apply patches and commit those changes against a separate SVN checkout of Tiki trunk
  • When we do a Tiki upgrade, we'll do a rebase and push to fetch the new code, then check for conflicts and merge their changes into our locally overridden files.


  • Directly from git, nothing complicated about it.