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Support common issues reporting is a three-step process: Gather the issues, investigate the issues and prioritize/report the issues. We're looking to extend this process to be more formalized.

Collect the issues

By polling the following sources, we can get a list of issues that need to be investigated in a given week.

  • Forum threads (currently reading the top 100-150 threads sorted by popularity)
  • Search terms (top and trending)
  • Forecasting (issues from QA, RRRT that are coming down the pipe.

Investigate the issue

For each issue, we do some investigation to get the following information:

  • How many people have the problem (currently only using Forum thread vote counts)
  • How bad is it? (based on stuff like if there's dataloss or if it affects critical websites)
  • How specific is it? (is it something generic or is it something very specific)
  • What are the steps to reproduce?
  • Any fixes or steps to workaround?

Prioritize the issues

A key part of separating the urgent common issues that need attention from general issues with Firefox is to prioritize them. We would like to do this by plotting the issues on a 2-D graph as shown below.

Severity-Count chart.png

Of course, the graph is just one small part of the full report. In deciding the next course of action for SUMO on each individual issue we consider the following things as well:

  • Who can act on the issue. If it doesn't have STRs, the best thing to do is to send to QA for example. Sometimes, the issue just needs a new KB article or outreach to outside parties
  • How is the issue trending. If it's trending up quickly, we're likely to act faster on an issue.