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Communicate better with our existing community by providing a a single page with the most important information about each part of SUMO.


  • Aggregate updates (newest contributors forum threads, blog posts, new KB articles, edits waiting for review, etc) into the page for easy access.
  • Most important information about SUMO should be displayed above the fold. (Examples: weekly common issues, new blog posts, etc)
  • Make the sidebar toolbox on contributor pages more useful, including links to help with each component of SUMO.
  • Display notifications for edits reviewed/rejected, new forum replies, etc
  • Display summary boxes with the most important information for each section of SUMO. (Live Chat status, random forum threads, KB article requests, etc)
    • Expanding any of these boxes should display even more information, along with links to all relevant contributor documentation.

Design, iteration 2

The page should have a simple, friendly layout that provides access to the most important information above the fold. Bold links and expanded sections should provide access to more verbose information, such as the metrics dashboard and Weekly Common Issues document.


Design, iteration 1


Features and implementation

Most of this design can be implemented immediately using a custom template with dynamic content. To provide all the functionality shown, several features need to be either fixed or implemented. (These are not blockers for creating the new page, but more features will make the page more useful)

  • A new aggregator wiki plugin is needed to combine Contributors Forum threads with the SUMO blog RSS feed, to fill in the "Recent Discussions" section
  • New sidebar module with links for each section of SUMO is needed on pages in the "How to Contribute" category.
  • The existing metrics dashboard plugins will need to be adapted to fill in the more limited information shown here. (Most popular articles)
  • A new wiki plugin for recent KB article changes is needed for including in the dashboard.
  • A plugin to query Bugzilla will be needed to list recent article requests in the KB section
  • The existing "recent forum threads" wiki plugin needs to be extended to only return unanswered threads ("Recommended for you") and threads where the helper needs to reply ("Unread replies").
  • Live Chat status needs to be displayed in the page. (zzxc's work on bug 489263 can be applied here)
  • A "since your last visit" plugin needs to be implemented, to provide the user a quick update of what has happened since the user's last login. Approvals/rejections to the user's edits and replies to watched KB threads should be here, at a minimum.

The expanding box feature will require a new AJAXified wiki plugin to provide extended content when a block is expanded. This will need to be implemented with feedback of the TikiWiki community, after we migrate to TikiWiki 3.0.