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We are working to update the Firefox manual on for Firefox 3.5. If you're interested in helping, pick an article that still needs updating from the list below, then create an account on and join us. We'll be collaborating in #sumo on, so please join us to discuss changes and get help!

Article Tasks needed Assigned to Status
Introduction Update number of users and number of locales djst Done
Introducing Open Source Update graphics (number of total users) djst Done
About this manual Maybe say that another sprint was made to update to 3.5 TMZ Done
Installing on Windows Update screenshot, update system requirements (if they've changed)
Installing on Mac OS Update screenshots, update text referring to Firefox 3 x2z Done
Installing on Ubuntu May need to update screenshot
Updating Firefox May need/want to update screenshots
Interface Update screenshot? cilias done
Location bar Update instructions and screenshots (Took out clear recent history bit, moved to Privacy in Firefox section, added information about showing only bookmarks or only history - Cww) zzxc done
Using tabbed browsing Add info about tab tearing Cww done
Getting Sites to Work update clearing cookies and cache to use Forget About This Site feature cilias done
Using add-ons Update for new AMO and personas cilias done
Firefox security features Update screenshot for blue Site ID button (now displays domain name) cilias done
Privacy in Firefox Brand new section, includes Private browsing, clear recent history and forget this site as well as a discussion of what kind of data is stored and why it's stored. (zzxc, be sure to edit it or something so you can get credit for the page since I took large chunks from the OpenAURL page) Cww done
Using Web Forms Update instructions for new privacy preferences pane zzxc done