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Firefox 106 SUMO Sprint

What is SUMO Sprint?

SUMO Day/SUMO Sprint is that time of the week when the whole Mozilla community comes together to answer incoming questions on the support forum for Firefox, Firefox for Android, Firefox for iOS, and Firefox Focus users. Check out this page to learn more about it.

What's new in Firefox 106

Firefox Desktop

Description KB link Status
Colorways Updated
Firefox View New article
PDF annotations Updated
Text recognition (Mac only) New article

Firefox for Android

Description KB link Status
What's new in Firefox for Android Updated
Wallpaper in Firefox for Android Updated
Sync on Firefox for Android Updated

Firefox for iOS

Description KB link Status
What's new in Firefox for iOS 106 New article
Wallpaper in Firefox for iOS Updated
Sync on Firefox for iOS Updated

Firefox Focus

Description KB link Status
What's new in Firefox Focus for Android Updated
What's new in Firefox Focus for iOS (version 106) New article

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MR 2022 List of changes

Firefox Desktop

Feature name Description Platform Tag Related article Bugzilla link Mozilla Connect discussion Common response
Desktop new onboarding Users installing Firefox (or creating a new profile) and existing users will see a refreshed new user onboarding (about:welcome) All MR2022:desktop-onboarding - #1772614
Colorways An emotive modal experience to select Firefox Colorways via Firefox View All MR2022:colorways #1743985
Firefox View Firefox View or Task Continuity helps you get back to content you’ve previously discovered. All MR2022:firefox-view #1760990 To remove the Firefox View pinned tab from your toolbar, you can right-click the Firefox View icon and select Remove from Toolbar. More about that:
Text recognition in images Extract text from images. MacOS only (10.15 or more recent) MacOS only MR2022:text-recognition #1782574
Changes to Firefox Private browsing new UI and pinning to taskbar Taskbar only for Windows MR2022:private-browsing - -
PDF Annotations in-app annotation for PDF file All MR2022:pdf-annotations -
Firefox as a default PDF handler - All - - -

Firefox Account

Feature name Description Platform Tag Related article Bugzilla link
Firefox Accounts Firefox account creation and sync flow has been given a UI and copy update. Web MR2022:fxa-redesign - -

Firefox mobile (Android, iOS and Focus)

Feature name Description Platform Tag Related article Bugzilla link Mozilla Connect discussion
Mobile new user onboarding Users installing Firefox mobile in v106 will see a refreshed onboarding flow iOS only MR2022:mobile-onboarding - -
Mobile existing user onboarding Existing users who upgrade to 106 will see a new onboarding flow iOS and Android MR2022:mobile-onboarding - -
Task continuity Users will be able to access their last active tab from another device on their homepage iOS and Android MR2022:task-continuity Android - iOS -
Wallpapers Users will have an improved experience using wallpapers on their homepage. They will get to see 6 new Independent Voices wallpapers as well. iOS and Android MR2022:wallpapers Android - iOS -
Search widget Users will be ablle to add a search widget to their home screen Focus iOS - Add a search widget to your home screen -

Inbounds monitoring

We're tracking version 106 inbounds as they relate to the main feature we are releasing with the major release. You should find the sheet HERE.

Known issues


  • Bug 1795909: Firefox crash/cannot open when updating to 106 from Microsoft/Windows Store
  • Bug 1796126: Crashes on AMD Zen 1 (fixed with 106.0.1
  • MacOS new icon (Connect page | Bug report)
  • Tabs overflow button: down arrow at right top corner (Tag to use: MR2022:overflow-button-remove)


  • Firefox for iOS is crashing when foregrounding the app (bug1791789)

Please refer to the following contributor discussions to learn more about the known issue:

Dot releases

Heads up

How to get involved in the sprint?

Join us in our community portal event and contribute by:

  • Answer forum questions
  • Respond to actionable tweets

Answer forum questions

Many people visit our forum to ask questions about Firefox. You can contribute by answering their questions directly on the forum, or using the SUMO Live Helper add-on created by SUMO contributors.

Respond to actionable tweets

You can also help many people who are having problems with their Firefox by responding to actionable tweets (meaning that the tweet expressed that somebody need support). Check out this article or take this short course to know more about how you can help people on Twitter. We strongly recommend existing community members to use Conversocial to reply to tweets from the official support account, @FirefoxSupport.

How can I get more help?

You can join our Matrix channel to ask questions/join community discussion.