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List of user-end changes in Firefox 3.5:

Label changes

  • "More" button in page info window is now "Details" bug 448833
  • "Tell me if the site I'm visiting is a suspected attack site" and "Tell me if the site I'm visiting is a suspected forgery" are now "Block reported attack sites" and "Block reported web forgeries" bug 417687
  • "New pages should be opened in" is now "Open new windows in a new tab instead" bug 356830
  • "New pages should be opened in" is now a single checkbox. bug 324164
  • "Clear Private Data" menu item is now "Clear Recent History"
  • "Clear Private Data" window is now "Clear Recent History" and is re-organized bug 480169
  • New Prefs in Privacy panel to control behaviour bug 460343
  • "Ask me before clearing private data" has been removed. bug 469158
  • Software Update window is now called Firefox Update. bug 476327
  • Refresh the Privacy preference pane bug 462041
  • "self signed" should read "self-signed" bug 412749

Smart Location Bar

  • Restricts, Matches, Keywords [1]
  • ability to mark a folder of bookmarks as "private" bug 455649(WONTFIX)
  • New Prefs in Privacy panel to control behaviour bug 460343

Tabbed Browsing

  • Tab switching [2] (backed out until Firefox 3.n)
  • You can now drag and drop tabs between browser windows bug 113934
  • Tab duplication on Mac or Linux bug 410569
  • new tab button is in the tab bar
  • Ability to detach/tear off tabs bug 225680
  • New Tab button should be right of last tab bug 457651


  • Shift + drag for folders in bookmarks toolbar on Mac bug 389914
  • Shift not required to drag folders on personal toolbar bug 235244
  • Private browsing mode bug 248970
  • signons3.txt is now signons.sqlite
  • Geolocation support [3]
  • Select which specific tabs and windows you want to restore bug 448976
  • EULA removed from installer bug 462254
  • "Secure connection failed" page was redone and renamed [4]
  • View Source supports links bug 17612
  • Navigation sounds bug 83056
  • Shortcut for Private Browsing mode bug 471428
  • Linux shortcut for Library window bug 431011
  • Modify Firefox Installer to Incorporate Feedback Form bug 483688
  • Library context menu for history items should include "Forget About This Site" bug 460086
  • Disable Forget This Site in Private Browsing mode for Firefox 3.5 bug 483608
  • Privacy preferences pane has been refreshed bug 462041
  • Add undo close window feature bug 394759
  • add "Share Location" to Page Info > Permissions to redo/undo "always remember this choice" for geolocation preference bug 491732