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Firefox 90 SUMO Sprint

What is SUMO Sprint?

SUMO Day/SUMO Sprint is that time of the week when the whole Mozilla community comes together to answer incoming questions on the support forum for Firefox, Firefox for Android, and Firefox for iOS users. Check out this page to learn more about it.

What's new in Firefox 90


Description KB link Status
Users can change their preferences to HTTPS-Only Mode New article
he Firefox about:third-party page gives users information about third-party modules that have been injected into Firefox New article
This feature that checks for, downloads, and installs updates in the background New article
SmartBlock lets you log in with your Facebook account when visiting third-party sites in Private Browsing Mode Updated


Description KB link Status
Credit card autofill on Firefox for Android New article

Off-train release

Description KB link Status
Simplified printing Updated
Firefox Suggest (experimental feature) New article
Updated for accounts with no password Updated
Updated to reflect expansion Updated
Updated to reflect expansion Updated
Windows SSO New article
New subscription plans New article

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Heads up

Potential issues

  • Proton prefs will be removed pretty soon in Firefox 91-92. Users will not have option to avoid Proton design anymore after that. This might trigger many comments from folks who have been using the prefs to escape Firefox 89 design.
  • Bug 1720621 - Printing a page with scaling may result in truncated output (fixed in 90.0.2)

How to get involved in the sprint?

Join us in our community portal event and contribute by:

  • Answer forum questions
  • Respond to actionable tweets

Answer forum questions

Many people visit our forum to ask questions about Firefox. You can contribute by answering their questions directly on the forum, or using the SUMO Live Helper addon created by SUMO contributors.

Respond to actionable tweets

You can also help many people who are having problems with their Firefox by responding to actionable tweets (meaning that the tweet expressed that somebody need support). Check out this article or take this short course to know more about how you can help people on Twitter. We strongly recommend existing community members to use Conversocial to reply to tweets from the official support account, @FirefoxSupport.

How can I get more help?

You can join our Matrix channel to ask questions/join community discussion.