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Feature Status ETA Owner
New User Tutorial Working on initial concept YYYY-MM-DD Michael Verdi


An interactive tutorial mode that uses arrow panels with text, images and videos to explain and demonstrate how to use Firefox's features.


Who's working on this?

  • Feature Manager: Michael Verdi
  • Lead Developer:
  • Product Manager:
  • QA:
  • UX:
  • Security:
  • Etc.

Team list should make it clear who to ask about what, and who to ping when they're needed. If you do not need someone in a particular role (ie: Security), that's fine, just delete that line. Contact info for each person would also be handy.

Release Requirements

Complete checklist of items that need to be satisfied before we can call this feature "done".

Next Steps

Either the next set of tasks that need to happen to move this project along, or (ideally) the full list of project tasks/action items with things crossed off as they're finished. Including the name of who's responsible for each item, and a rough ETA can be useful.

Open Issues

Unanswered questions, things that need to be explored, decisions that still need to be made, etc. Again, including the name of who's responsible for each item can be useful.

Related Bugs & Dependencies

Links to the feature tracking bug & other relevant bugs; links to related plans (test plan, product marketing plan, etc.); notes about things that depend on this, etc.


Any and all mockups, design specs, tech specs, etc. Either inline or linked to.

Use Cases

Everyone loves use cases, so you should provide them if you can (and where it makes sense). The Channel Switcher Feature Page has some good examples.

Test Plans

Any and all test plans and strategies. Either inline or linked to.


The high level goals for the feature (which the release requirements checklist should fulfill). These are the guiding light and overall vision for the feature. Refer to this if there is confusion or are disputes about direction, designs, planning, etc.


Things we are specifically not doing or building as part of this feature.

Other Documentation

Can include things like:

  • Competitive landscape
  • Research & references
  • Whatever else is useful to the project.

Legend (remove if you like)

  Healthy: feature is progressing as expected.
  Blocked: feature is currently blocked.
  At Risk: feature is at risk of missing its targeted release.
ETA Estimated date for completion of the current feature task. Overall ETA for the feature is the product release date.

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