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Rapid Releases

  • [DONE] Develop and document workflows for keeping support current and responsive during rapid Firefox desktop releases (Cheng) post mortem
  • [DONE] Establish and document KB documentation policies (Michael) Project page
  • [DONE] Establish localization policies (Kadir/Michael) Project page

Integrate support into the Firefox UX

  • [AT RISK] Finalize the feature page for the clean install feature (Cheng) Project page
  • [DONE] Finalize the feature page for the clean profile feature (Michael) Project page

Metrics & Insights

  • [DONE] Document and implement a strategy for integrating user feedback from a wide variety of sources (including Input and SUMO) to address key Engagement/SUMO/Engineering needs throughout the Firefox development cycle (Cheng; shared with QA) Project page


  • [DROPPED] Host QA sprint for the new Users & Group SUMO feature (Kadir; shared with WebQA) Project page
  • [DONE] Design, print and ship SUMO t-shirts for contributors (Kadir) Project page
  • [MISSED] Streamline initial experience on Verbatim by reducing some of the legal hurdles such as the need to sign paperwork (Kadir) Project page
  • [MISSED] Stretch goal: Business cards for contributors (Kadir; shared with Community Engagement) Project page

Strategic stuff

  • [MISSED] Develop 2011 services support strategy (David/Services FTE) Missing link to project page -- carrying over to Q3 and owned by Ibai
  • [DONE] Define and start internship project around user-to-user support metrics (Cheng/David) Project page
  • [DONE] Hire 2 FTEs (David)

Development (needs to be finalized with James/SUMOdev)

Smaller tasks (not really proper goals)

  • [DONE] Decide what to do with showfor (Michael) - Details
  • [DONE] Start to use PostCrash after releases and follow up with Socorro team about the future fixes/features (Michael) Notes Marked as done but the emails have not actually been sent yet. There are just over a 1000 queued up. A new user name and password has to be added to the app so it can send email (due to be done today 7/1) and then the send email button needs to be clicked on the 10 campaigns. Emails have been sent. Lots of good notes - Notes
  • [DROPPED] New user tutorial mode (Michael) Project page
  • [MISSED] Get links to SUMO articles on where it makes sense (Michael) I talked to John Slater and he's on board; bugs filed but with no time to get them done in Q2.