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Feature Status ETA Owner
Define key features 2011-08-12 Ibai Garcia
Agree on prioritization 2011-08-26 Ibai Garcia
Close and sign off the PRD 2011-09-09 Ibai Garcia


User visiting the Account Portal for Firefox Services (Sync now and others in the upcoming months) have the ability to perform a set of maintenance activities in their account. Unfortunately there's no much information about what the different features mean and how they should be used. In SuMo we are building articles that contain this information. With this project we want to improve the UX by including the SuMo information in a more relevant place.

The overall goal of the project is to make effortless the task of finding solutions while using Mozilla Services. In this particular case we aim to shorten the path to find solution to the issues found within the Services Account Portal. For this quarter we want to have a strong design or PRD were the Product stakeholders and SuMo agrees on.

Because of a change in the strategy of the Account Portal, where is no longer going to represent the hub for all the user information, the initial PRD is targeted for the initial Browser ID site. The final document can be found here: SUMO API.


Who's working on this?

  • Goal Manager: Ibai Garcia
  • Lead Developer: James Socol
  • Product Manager: Jennifer Argüello, Dan Mills
  • Others:

Team list should make it clear who to ask about what, and who to ping when they're needed.


The goal for this quarter is to design and document how we will integrate Support (SuMo articles) in the Account Portal.

Project Plan

  1. Define key features. (12 August)
  2. Agree on prioritization. (26 August)
  3. Close and sign off the PRD. (9 September)


  • Stretch Goal: To launch some of the features included in the PRD.
  • Integrate Support in other UIs.

Additional Documentation

- Initial Mock-Up

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  Blocked: feature is currently blocked.
  At Risk: feature is at risk of missing its targeted release.
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