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  • [PROMOTED] [MISSED] Drive 2 support related features through implementation in Nightly
    • [MISSED] Ensure that we do everything we can to get Reset Firefox implemented in Firefox Nightly (Michael) Timeline
    • [MISSED] Ensure that we do everything we can to Clean Install eliminate causes of broken installs Firefox Nightly (Michael) Timeline
  • [PROMOTED] [ON TRACK] Develop plan for reporting top Firefox issues regularly and ensure this gets appropriate product/developer team attention (Cheng) Support/Goals/2011Q3/Reporting top Firefox issues
  • [DONE] Definition, Design and Planning done for: Super Reload More understandable way to clean cache and cookies - Feature Page (Michael) Timeline
  • [DONE] Definition, Design and Planning done for: Network Down page Provide intuitive steps when Firefox can't connect - Feature Page (Michael) Timeline


  • [PROMOTED] [DONE] Make Android a top tier platform on SUMO (Specifics of this goal to be defined within the first 3 weeks of Q3) (Michelle) Mobile Support Project Page


  • [PROMOTED] [DONE] Ensure that we do everything we can to have a support offering ready for launch of BrowserID Project Page (Ibai)
  • [PROMOTED] [ON TRACK] Define and document Apps Market support strategy Project Page (Ibai)
  • [DONE] PRD for support in Account Portal in place Project Page (Ibai)

Metrics & Insights

  • [DONE] SUMO unified monthly feedback report in place - (Ibai) [Project Page]
  • [DROPPED] Live chat and Karma metrics - (Cheng) -- Should change to devise comprehensive metrics strategy (in conjunction with above)

Community & L10N

  • [DONE] Sprints for rolling out private messaging / groups (Kadir) Project Page
  • [ON TRACK] Publish new docs for localizers to reflect latest platform changes (Kadir) details
  • [ON TRACK] Write a PRD to get better feedback loops in place, to nudge our community into giving an answer to every single question asked in the forum (Kadir) details
    • [ON TRACK] Write document about community metrics we want to track, how we want to track them and the goals we should set around that (Kadir)
  • [DONE] Inform our community manually and regularly about the current status of the forum (questions asked, %age replied to, etc) to provide feedback that they can react to (Kadir) details
  • [AT RISK] Stretch goal: Get better feedback loops in place, to nudge our community into keeping the top 20 articles localized (Kadir, sumodev) details
  • [AT RISK] Stretch goal: Let people help on Verbatim without getting an LDAP account or having to physically sign and send in a commiter's agreement (Kadir, legal, webdev, l10n) Project Page

Knowledge Base

  • [MISSED] Increase the weighted average helpfulness of the top 10 failing troubleshooting articles to over %50% - (Michael) Project Page