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Milestone Status ETA Owner
Initial Research (Other Markets) Done 2011-07-31 Ibai Garcia
Document competitive landscape 2011-08-05 Ibai Garcia
Draft initial proposal 2011-08-26 Ibai Garcia
Review proposal with Product and agree on final version 2011-09-02 Ibai Garcia
Define project plan 2011-09-16 Ibai Garcia
Review and agree on project plan with Product 2011-09-23 Ibai Garcia


Define and build a new platform to support users and customers of the new Open Web Apps marketplace. We aim to have a clear model, strategy and project plan by the EOQ3.


Who's working on this?

  • Project Manager: Ibai Garcia
  • Product Manager: Ragavan Srinivasan
  • Others: Todd Simpson

Team list should make it clear who to ask about what, and who to ping when they're needed.


The goal for this quarter is to have a solid foundation to deploy "what is needed" in Q4. We aim to have the following by the EOQ3:

  • Documented strategy and definition of what is needed.
  • Project plan to deploy the Open Web Apps support model in Q4.

Project Plan

  1. Initial Research (Other Markets). (31 July)
  2. Document competitive landscape. (5 August)
  3. Draft initial proposal. (26 August)
  4. Review proposal with Product and agree on final version. (2 September)
  5. Define project plan. (16 September)
  6. Review and agree on project plan with Product. (23 September)



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