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The goal for Q3 is to support the Identity team to have the support materials (i.e. KB articles), customization of SUMO site, in product help content, etc. ready for the launch of Browser ID in Q4.

BrowserID is the first product launched as part of the Identity initiative.

The SUMO team with the Product team have decided that the support content for users using the feature will be included on the Firefox Help website ( After reviewing the use-cases, we haven't identified any special needs that required additional development or customization of our existing SUMO platform.

Together with the Product team we have decided to use SUMO as the canonical resource for support content. This means that we will map support from BrowserID product and websites to SUMO. This needs to happen as part of the re-branding that will happen in Q4.


Who is working on this?

  • Goal Manager: Ibai Garcia
  • Lead Developer: Ben Adida
  • Product Manager: Dan Mills

Team list should make it clear who to ask about what, and who to ping when they're needed.


  • Support the Identity team in the launch of BrowserID.
  • Draft, write and review SUMO articles to cover the most likely support cases of Browser ID.
  • Set up an easy access to the content so beta users can find the information after the launch.

What needs to be done?

As covered in the next section, the expected issues have a simple solution and are straightforward to document. Because of that, the focus of BrowserID support is documentation with a path to the forum. This way users will ask related questions and we can gather understanding of other issues.

Some of the issues will perceived as issues with the website implementing BrowserID. To help users in this situation we are working on the connection of the final UI of BrowserID with SUMO through in-product Help and links.

In order to finish the SUMO documentation/articles, the BrowserID team needs to close the UX/UI of the Add-On and the branding. Because of it the following tasks need to be performed after the rebranding and launch of BrowserID in Q4.

We will divide our efforts in two phases. The first one covers all the activities necessary to offer basic support to BrowserID users in the first months of the product. In a second phase, we will be focusing in the growth of Identity as a project (documenting new features, etc) and improving the integration of the Identity products with the SUMO sites and processes.

Phase One - BrowserID ramp up (Q3-Q4):

  • Content creation (Blocked by launch of the new UI): Creation of help articles in the SUMO KB so users can find solutions to their questions without the need of support of a contributor.
    • What's BrowserID? - How does BrowserID work?
    • Issues with BrowserID
  • Point BrowserID site to SUMO (Blocked by the launch of the new UI): After the creation of the articles, the BrowserID site will link to the SUMO content. This will help users to find information that is not contained in the BrowserID promotional site and give them a path to our support forum.
  • Tag Forum questions accordingly (Was blocked by the definition of the final naming and branding. Waiting for Marketplace changes at SUMO to apply changes at the same time): In order to facilitate the BrowserID thread identification in the forum, we will include a path to the forum where BrowserID questions will be labeled as such.

Phase Two - BrowserID popularization and other Services (Starting Date TBD based on Identity's evolution):

  • Identity Support Home Page: While the Identity project grows and includes more products and features (like Sign in to the browser, BrowserID Add-On, etc) we will need to document more features. Because of that, we will also need to create a Homepage at SUMO where all these articles are compiled, in a similar way to Mobile or Sync today.
  • Refinement of forum tagging (i.e. Sign in to browser, etc): With the inclusion of new products we will need to create a more complex path into the AAQ flow so the appropriate tags as applied to the different questions. With the potential integration of BrowserID in the Firefox brand, we will need to define this in detail when the time comes.
  • Integrate SUMO content in BrowserID site through API: BrowserID will be the initial customer of the upcoming SUMO API ( To avoid duplication of content and maintenance the Identity Team will explore the usage of the upcoming SUMO API to use our site as the canonical source. Because SUMO is daily maintained this will avoid the creation of obsolete content like already happened in other Mozilla domains.

Potential Issues with BrowserID

This is a list of potential support issues with BrowserID and their respective proposed solutions/workaround.

Issues perceived as website issues

  • Sign in button does nothing.
    • BrowserID incorrectly implemented by web developer.
    • Disconnect pop-up blocker
  • I select my username but the login is not completed properly.
    • Assertion is wrongly implemented on the website.

Issues potentially perceived as Mozilla issues

  • Email and passwords are not recognized
    • Use "I forgot my password" to recover your password.
    • If it doesn't work, try to create an account again.
  • Email confirmation not received
    • Check Spam folder in your email account
  • "I forgot my password" doesn't send password
    • Check Spam folder in your email acount
  • How to use a different identity
    • Log Out and log in with a new email address.
    • Identities can be added to an acount by "Add a new email address"


  • This project doesn't aim to cover every possible issue but to have an initial collection of articles before the official launch.

Additional Documentation

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  Healthy: feature is progressing as expected.
  Blocked: feature is currently blocked.
  At Risk: feature is at risk of missing its targeted release.
ETA Estimated date for completion of the current feature task. Overall ETA for the feature is the product release date.