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Develop a model for incorporating non-urgent/non-breaking issues that come up in Firefox (desktop) into a report or to get work on fixing them.

This is in conjunction with Sheila's team who will be heading up the project management side of things.


  • Incorporate metrics from the KB in monthly reports
    • Settled on goals of measuring KB reads and tracking how those change with releases/over time
  • Come up with a plan for reporting such feedback
    • Monthly overview reports in conjunction with Ibai
  • Report and act on one item in Q3 with a system in place for reporting ~ 1 per month or 1-2 per release cycle.
    • Will likely need to do this without the KB metrics for Q3. Collecting feedback around the release process for Q3 and pushing that forward.
  • Make sure product team listens to the feedback.

Project Plan

For pushing one (general) issue in Q3:

  1. Talk with Sheila about what kinds of "issues" are best reported in this way (what makes an issue actionable etc.) (Done)
  2. Make a list of possible issues to tackle. (Ongoing)
  3. Work with Sheila on picking a specific issue to push and drive.
  4. Gather input/metrics to help drive that feature and support efforts by project managers to push that forward.

For collecting better KB metrics:

  1. Talk to Metrics team about what metrics make sense. (Done)
  2. Implement those metrics (Ongoing)
  3. Track changes in those metrics against what we expect given forum data.
  4. Integrate this into regular reporting.