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Feature Status ETA Owner
Define key elements for dashboard 2011-07-22 Cheng, Ibai, Michelle
Identify source and methodology 2011-08-05 Cheng, Ibai, Michelle
Build first prototype and validate 2011-08-26 Cheng, Ibai, Michelle
Launch August Report 2011-09-02 Cheng, Ibai, Michelle


This quarter, the SUMO team has expanded and the three of us working with the different products (desktop, mobile and services) are collecting data to feed our product managers and other teams. In order to offer a more consistent experience and increase the reach of our users pain point, we are going to unify the way we collect and present this data. And additionally to the weekly reports that we share with the closest teams we will use the opportunity to create a new feedback report that could be shared across MoCo and MoFo.


Who's working on this?

  • Goal Lead: Ibai Garcia
  • SUMO Team: Cheng Wang, Michelle Luna, Brinda Gupta


The goal for this quarter is to design and agree on the methodology to push a monthly feedback report with the biggest issues-highlights of our users. This report will cover the 3 areas where SUMO is focusing: Desktop, Mobile and Services. It also aims to standardize the weekly feedback reports created for the product teams.

Project Plan

  1. Define key elements for dashboard: Draft what's needed and what's relevant for all the products and for each of them.
  2. Identify source and methodology: Standardize the process to collect data in order to have a single source of truth.
  3. Build first prototype and validate: Apply new methodology to weekly reports and gather feedbadk.
  4. Launch August Report: Use it as field test. Iterate with the collected feedback and integrate the process in business as usual.



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