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Many of our troubleshooting articles are failing

More than half of our top twenty troubleshooting articles have a helpfulness rating of less than fifty percent. The top ten failing troubleshooting articles have an average helpfulness (weighted for popularity) of 36.95%.

Top 10 failing troubleshooting articles

  1. Firefox Crashes
  2. Error loading websites
  3. Basic Troubleshooting
  4. Troubleshooting Extensions and Themes
  5. Firefox hangs
  6. Troubleshooting plugins
  7. Firefox will not start
  8. Lost Bookmarks
  9. Username and password not remembered
  10. Firefox cannot load websites but other programs can

Reference: Helpfulness of top troubleshooting articles


Increase the weighted average helpfulness of the top 10 failing troubleshooting articles to over 50%

There are two basic things we can do:

  • Improve the articles (re-write, add screencasts, emphasize the most popular solution).
  • Write new articles that supersede the old articles. For example, maybe something like a "Factory Reset" (new profile and clean install) to replace Firefox is Slow, Basic troubleshooting, Fx takes a long time to start up, most of Firefox Crashes.


  • [DONE] [2011-07-12] Start a thread in the Articles forum to discuss improvements to articles and possible new articles. Forum thread
  • [NEW] [2011-08-09] Complete first round of changes/write new articles and monitor helpfulness ratings
    • Depending on the results, multiple rounds of revisions and monitoring will be needed.
  • [NEW] [2011-08-30] Complete all changes.
  • [NEW] [2011-09-27] Collect helpfulness data and compare with the baseline.