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Pascal: translating a new article

  1. Pascal has a free weekend coming up and want's to spend some time to translate one or more of the most popular articles.
  2. He uses the url in his awesome bar to open up the dashboard for German. There he sees several interesting statistics about usage patters of German users and also the most popular English articles that are not translated yet.
  3. He takes the first one in the list and clicks on translate. It's a longer article, but there is a screenshot which he leaves in English for now.
  4. In translation view he can see both the english article and the translation source next to each other so he can compare his translation with the original.
  5. While he is translating he looks at the preview of the article several times to make sure the markup is right and he didn't break anything.
  6. After reading the article again, making sure there are no obvoius mistakes he checks the box to send a notification to his team members that he just finished translating a new article ("ready for review") and hits sumbmit, he also checks the box that localized screenshots are needed. His team member Fred now gets an email with a diff and a link to a legible version of the same diff.
  7. Pascal goes back to tackle the next article, but this time he wants a short one, because he doesn't have much time left before it's time to leave. So he sorts the article by line numbers and takes the most popular one under 50 lines.
  8. Unfortunately the article takes longer to translate than he expected, so he saves it as "translation in progress", to come back to it later.

Pascal: updating a translation

  1. Pascal get's a notification that an article was updated. The notification has a link that bring him directly to the "update translation page".
  2. On top of the page he can see the diff for the last change and a picker to choose the two versions to diff. He had not updates the translation for some time, so he chooses the last change that put the translation out of date.
  3. Below the diff he has the current English article on the left and his translated version on the right side.
  4. He looks at the diff and how that looks in the final article and transfers the changes one by one to his own translation.
  5. Half way through he realizes that he has to leave for work, so he saves the article but doesn't check ready for review.
  6. Later he comes back and resumes from where he left of. When he is done with the article he check "ready for review" and submits the article.