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The requirements of the Kitsune KB are derived from the context scenarios established earlier.

New SUMO KB concept map


SUMO Website

URL structure


  • The website and content is fully localizable. (ref)
  • Includes that the times are configurable for locales. So it should not say Mai 5 2010, 14:30 PDT in German, but 5. Mai 2010, 23:30 MEZ
  • SUMO detects what language is set and automatically directs a user to the correct localized version. (ref)
  • The user can manually change the language displayed (ref)
  • Categories of articles included on start page. (ref)
  • Category landing page can display articles prominently, video tutorials and complete a listing of the other articles available. (ref) (ref)
  • Entire SUMO site works in/formatted for mobile browsers (ref)
  • The site offers contextual help where necessary. (ref)
  • All of the sitewide auto-detected settings (lang, os, fx version) can be changed from a popout settings panel. (ref)
  • Articles should be exportable. So that localizers can use the content on their portals


  • Search results clearly identify KB article results and Forum post results. (ref)
  • Only present articles that match users profile (OS/Firefox version)
  • The intro of an article should be included in the search results


  • Articles listed by categories on front page. (ref)
  • Article category pages (ref)
  • The secondary navigation (in the sidebar) depends on the status of the user (logged-in/out, localizer/contributor etc.)
  • articles have related articles as recommendations (automatic and curated)


  • Ability to create custom content blocks
  • Add/remove SHOWFOR labels/tags/detection
  • Add/remobe media
  • Add/remove locales
  • Add/remove groups
  • Add/remove users
  • Add/remove articles
  • Assign themes to pages
  • Assign themes to categories
  • Add/Remove sidebar modules

Site dashboard



  • WYSIWYG / Rich Text editor (ref)
  • The KB article editor has an editable url field (like wordpress).
  • Articles support multiple titles
  • Allow for editing of sections instead of whole article (ref)
  • Ability to save an edit in progress. (ref)
  • Accurate full page preview of wiki edits (ref)
  • The KB article editor has views for Edit, Preview/View, History, Review, Stats, Translation , Admin and Discussion.
  • In the KB Edit view there should be an easy way to handle showfor tags (ref)
  • The KB editor allows for drag and drop uploading of images (ref)
  • Access to a library of uploaded screenshots and screencasts (ref)
  • Drag and drop uploading of screencasts. (ref)
  • Drag and drop and uploading supports multiple files.
  • The editor includes tools for adding outlines and notes to screenshots. (ref)(ref) (example)
  • The preview tab includes tools for choosing the poster frame of a video.
  • Ability to subscribe to email notifications of future edits/posts to the article. (ref)
  • Each article can contain any number of "sections" (ref)
  • Each section is resizable and contains it's own rich text toolbar (ref)
  • The article sections can be drag and dropped into a new order like a netflix queue (ref)
  • There is a rich text interface for adding step-by-step instructions (ref)
  • You can toggle the Table of Contents on and off (ref)
  • You can add keywords to adjust search results


  • Allow for side by side review.
  • Ability to mark an edit as ready for review.
  • Multiple article changes can be individually approved or rejected.
  • When approving or rejecting an edit you should be able to send a message to the author.
  • Ability to mark translations as out of date.
  • When any change is made a message should be sent to the author, admins and subscribers.
  • Ability to mark a rejected edit as spam, so the user is deleted, any images they uploaded are deleted, and no notifications are sent to the user about the rejection.


  • Allow for side by side translation
  • Ability to mark a translation as in progress to lock out/notify other translators


  • Every article has it's own subforum behind the discussion tab (ref)
  • Users must be registered (ref)
  • Ability to log in or register in this view if you are not already. (ref)
  • When registration is complete, the user is logged in and taken to their original destination. (ref)
  • Discussion forum has email notifications. (ref)
  • The email notifications contain the full text of the message. (ref)
  • Replies can be posted via email by replying to the notification in your email program. (ref)


  • popularity (views)
    • ranking
  • CSAT over time
  • helpfulness over time, layed over with edits over time


  • Articles can have different display templates. (ref) (ref) (ref)
  • Embeded videos grow to full size when played (example) (ref)
  • Should degrade gracefully on IE at least for visitors. (ref)
  • All videos offer users sharing and embeding options. (ref)
  • Articles offer embed code - like Google Wave. (ref)
  • Screenshots presented with the applicable step-by-step text instruction below. There is navigation included that allows the user to move back and forward though the steps, let's them know where they are in the process and allows them to skip directly to any step. (ref)
  • When a user mouses over highlighted sections of the screenshots they are shown notes with extra information about the interface, functions and features. (ref) (example)
  • Screencasts presented with the applicable step-by-step text instruction below. There is navigation included that allows the user to move back and forward though the steps, let's them know where they are in the process and allows them to skip directly to any step. (ref) (example) (example)
  • Video plays in WebM using the built-in player (as a fallback the WebM video will play in the Flash player). (ref)
  • Articles can have an Advanced view that presents additional information not normally seen. (ref)
  • Articles have a print CSS (ref)


  • Article categories (ref)
  • Article tags
  • Ability to create custom content blocks on an article by article basis
  • Automatic listing of related articles (ref)
  • Ability to manually edit list of related articles on an article by article or article category basis. (ref)
  • Featured article listings on article pages that include embeded video, images and text. (ref)


  • Users who've edited an article
  • Pretty much an exact copy of the wikipedia


  • Ability for admins to add javascript and/or html to a wiki page in order to add functionality to an article, i.e. Personas. (ref)
  • Assign to category
  • Assign tags
  • Delete articles

Individual contributors


The dashboard displays the stuff the contributor can act upon

  • Private messages
  • Review requests


The profile displays information about the users for the world

  • teams the user belongs to
  • avatar
  • personal info

Messaging system

  • email of items waiting for review
  • review emails contain a nice, detailed html view of article diffs.
  • review emails contain links to approve or reject changes (like wordpress comment emails).
  • review emails contain link to contributor dashboard
  • Contributor group/team email/PM
  • Ability to reply to PM via email


Things the administrator can do with the user account

  • edit username, avatar, etc
  • remove user
  • assign rights, groups

Contributor Groups


Information that is useful for the group members, stuff they can act upon

  • Statistcs: Localized articles, Visitors this week, Visitors per article, Popular searchterms
  • Ability to sort KB articles by number of lines
  • Ability to sort KB articles by popularity


Information about the Group and it's member

  • Group leaders
  • How to contact the group
  • informative text about the group


Things administrators can do with groups

  • assign members
  • remove
  • edit group details

Media Library

The medial library holds screenshots/videos to be included into articles

to be categorized

  • SUMO automatically detects latest crash id and presents crash content that is specific to that signature
  • SUMO add-on: Takes videos dragged to the KB editor and compresses them in ogg and flash formats. It also grabs 5 frames from each video that can be used as a poster frame.
  • A new thread in the articles forum creates a new article (and vice versa)
  • Article threads automatically link to the staging copy of the article

Added later

  • A "what links here" page