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Thanks for hanging out with us and testing the new Kb. If you have questions, just ping Topal or michaelverdi in #sumo

We need to test everything we can so please use and search the KB, create, edit, review articles and test the whole localization workflow. Try focusing on tasks that you'd do as a contributor and then go back and try using the KB as someone looking for help.

Please keep in mind that no content put into this KB will stay, since it is for testing only, so you can edit, remove and add to your heart's content. If you need rights for reviewing articles, please ask Michaelverdi or Topal.

For Localizers

The startpage consists of 3 parts. The upper part with the Nurse is on Verbatim. The lower left article is here. And the lower right one here.

Important links

File a bug


Issues we know about

  • see already filed bugs for this release
  • You have to add a security exception for the testing site
  • The login and user profile are the old tikiwiki versions