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Include our community in QAing SUMO/Host Test Days

Note: All dates depend on the developmend time line of Kitsune

Goal: Let our community take part in the QAing of our new KB, to establish a better familiarity with the KB and find bugs that we would've missed.

Date: November 12th

Participants: engaged localizers, live chat contributors

Areas to cover:

Schedule for the day

  • Blog post/forum post/email that we are starting
  • from 8am to 5pm PDT
  • topic set to KB QA
  • no formal structure for the day
  • Kadir and Milos in #sumo from 8am-12pm, Matthew/Michael 8am-5pm
  • Blog post/forum post that are done.


  • forum,
  • mailing list,
  • IRC meeting,
  • blog

Stuff needed