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These are the instructions for building and installing Openfire from svn. These builds should replace the builds we currently download and install from It is important that Openfire is built with Java 1.5, not Java 1.6. For reference, see a list of current changes from upstream Openfire.

  1. Download and install JDK 5.0 Update 16 from
  2. Download and install the latest binary version of ant from
  3. Check out the latest source code using svn co livechat
  4. Enter the openfire/build folder and type ant plugins
  5. Enter the webchat/build folder and type ant
  • The previous two commands will build Openfire and the Webchat plugin

After the build has finished, it needs to be installed

  1. Make a backup of the (staging or production) database, in case the upgrade fails
  2. Make a copy of the Openfire configuration file. The location is /opt/openfire/conf/openfire.xml. This needs to be restored into the new installation.
  3. Make sure all previous Openfire installations are gone from /opt. If installed from RPM, uninstall via RPM. /opt/openfire should not exist.
  4. In the openfire tree, copy the just created openfire/target/openfire folder to /opt : sudo cp -av openfire/target/openfire /opt/openfire
  5. Restore the openfire.xml file you backed up earlier. Start the server.

To run Openfire, this command should be executed when the server boots: /opt/openfire/bin/

To avoid bug 458797 and bug 464779, Openfire must always be built and ran with Java 1.5.