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This is the project page for creating the new Live Chat platform. For information on contributing, see Helping with Live Chat.

What is Live Chat?

Live Chat is a component of SUMO that lets contributors collaborate among each other and do realtime chats with users. The primary goals of the project are to provide insight into the support process via user chats and to grow our community by providing an opportunity to work together on users' problems.

Severe problems with our current software have prevented us from fully realizing the project's goals. Fixing these problems is necessary to allow Live Chat to properly utilize the paid and unpaid resources devoted to it.

Vision statement

  • Live Chat should specifically designed to give feedback on how to improve SUMO articles
  • We should be able to focus Live Chat to obtain valuable information on specific Firefox problems that we can't easily get from another channel.
  • A streamlined user experience to get new contributors into Live Chat and to offer them tools to connect with users to fulfill the goals of live chat.
  • A collaboration and training tool to help us get new users into the community.

Problems with Live Chat we will fix

  • Chatting with a user can be a waste of time
  • Helping with Spark is confusing and frustrating
  • We don't leverage our data
  • We don't have a system for rewarding our chat contributors



Call-in details:

  • US, international via skype: 1-800-707-2533, password 369, conf 309#
  • US: 650-903-0800, ext 92, conf 309#


Older/outdated stuff

Project information


Technical instructions

dev servers

  • sm-chat01 = in-development code
  • dm-sumotools01 = latest svn