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Knowledge base metrics:

While we have the overall helpfulness and pageviews metrics on the main (general) dashboard, this new dashboard will have two tabs to let you drill down.

English tab: Rather than many lists, I'm thinking that we should have a SINGLE list of the English articles with the following measures that you can sort by any column:

  • # pageviews
  • pageviews w/8w (week over 2 month baseline or day/8day or month/8month)
  • # votes total
  • vote %
  • vote% w/8w (or d/8d or m/8m)
  • helpfulness gap (since you change the timespan of the report, this will be just a 1-week gap but you can always expand that to 1 month with one click)

My ideal situation would be that you could click on any cell and see the trendline for that cell but I don't know if that's actually possible.

Localization tab: Again, it'd be a table where the rows would be different locales and the columns would be:

  • # votes total (we can't reliably do total pageviews for localized articles)
  • vote %
  • vote % (w/8w)
  • # localized articles (approved)
  • # localized articles (staging)
  • # localized articles (... what the other statuses are)

The idea is to see how locales are performing relative to each other (rather than what the l10n dashboard is doing which is how locales are performing on their own).