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Here's the way that the metrics dashboard works:

  • The scripts (which populate the metrics dashboard) are run using pentaho which runs on java (must be 1.6 or higher, I think)
  • scripts are .kjb and .ktr files (XML files) can be checked out into any directory and then run (using a cron job or manually by doing /path/to/pentaho/data-integration/ -norep -file j_sumo_etl.kjb ) where j_sumo_etl.kjb is the name of the parent job file (which then links to the rest.)
  • A ~/.kettle/ file (in the home directory) specifies parameters such as database names and logins and passwords (I think this is plaintext) specific to the server. This is not in SVN but will need to be generated manually first time.
  • Table are also not created automatically by the scripts and will have to be created first time using a few scripted SQL commands. The dashboard uses its own database, not just its own tables.

So setup tasks:

  1. Install pentaho and Java 1.6 or higher
  2. Check out /projects/sumo/metrics (or some other TBD directory)
  3. Create database with appropriate permissions
  4. Create tables
  5. Create ~/.kettle/ specific to the server
  6. Run /path/to/pentaho/data-integration/ -norep -file j_sumo_etl.kjb and make sure it has no errors
  7. Cronjob above to run nightly at 4 AM (or whenever.)