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SuMo Mobile Meeting

5:30PM UTC (10:30AM PT) (Held every Wednesday) Estimated time: 25 minutes - 1 Hour

#sumo (IRC) is where links will be transmitted between each other. 

You need to have Vidyo in order to join. Join link: Please enter guest name and then click join.

To call in: +1 650 903 0800, x92 9213 +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - conf 9213

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Mobile Meeting


  • B2G ====
    • Open SUMO B2G Bugs :[SUMO-b2g]

      • Trying to find the time to investigate these issues
    • Closed SUMO B2G Bugs:[SUMO-b2g]

    • still trying to hack the crash reporting (via the production device borrowed from SUMO)
    • trying to follow up on feedback report of the crashing
    • setting up flashing station for SF for later imaging use for MWC (Working with IT/Clarissa)
      • Starting plans for MWC flashing logistics(w/ Cheng/Clarissa)
    • looking into migration issues w/ feer56

Firefox OS

No News for this week

Firefox OS and Android News

  • KitKat Android 4.4 is now supported only a couple of issues

Firefox OS

Need Article for


Importing Vcard(vcf) contacts

Need to add the device type / version to the AAQ!

Common response as well?

how to import MP3 files from iTunes ? -

Andrew (feer56) having trouble manually flashing  1.2 onto his Keon. Calendar, Browser and Email app broken when flashed. Naoki is aware of this issue and is looking into it. 
   -when did you flash your device? build ID? This would help us a bit, is it 1.2 stable

[Andrew/ feer56] Marketplace update issue on ZTE Open - - I can reproduce this on my ZTE Open

Might be helpful to obtain logs for this issue.

1) make sure the device is set to settings > Device info> more information > Developer > Remote Debugging = checked

2) in the console, and run "adb logcat -v time"

3) on the device, reproduce the issue

4) save off the logcat data to the text file, and attach it to the bug.

  • Questions about hosting builds for updates

Firefox For Android Feedback

Firefox For Android

  • Monitoring FF26 forums and feedback; nothing so far but it's only been 24 hours.
  • Will be looking for SUMO 'web opener' in the new year to work on Firefox for Android and Firefox OS web compatibility aka making websites identified on SUMO forums and input use open web standards so they work everywhere

Anything else

  • Quick feedback summary (mostly spanish/portuguese): Bold is stuff that is in significant numbers
    • Features/Systemic:
      • Whatsapp/line is really a big issue (as always)
      • Other frequently requested features are Facebook image uploads (and image sharing in general), copy-paste and ringtones'.
      • Updates are a bad experience. There's not a single bug that stands out but updates don't apply, updates don't have meaningful new features (this was a perf update mainly so people don't notice it), app updates aren't a great experience either.
    • Bugs:
      • Major crashing/instability. It seems to have gone down vs a couple weeks ago but there are still reports of people whose applications don't stay open.
      • Doesn't handle lots of photos or songs well. No file manager. Can't manage music except through USB.
      • Phone can lock during a call or Calls cut out (this may be the phone app crashing) -- not entirely clear what's going on but could be worth following up on.
      • Sms messages are truncated intermittently while sending. Only one report but it's concerning.
    • Overall: We seem to have really improved some of the performance/speed aspects as people aren't complaining about that as much. Updates have been really messy and I think I'd say that's still the most important thing to push for going forward as it means we can deliver better experiences.
  • Non-spanish/portuguese feedback summary: Numbers are overall still too small but here are distinct and interesting observations.
    • Concerns over how much dependence apps (and I assume "apps") have on having a constant internet connection. It's possible that the infrastructure (in particular Poland/Greece) my not have caught up or that there's a more systematic connectivity problem or that people in some locales are more concerned about data usage.
    • System updates have been a nightmare in poland. At least one mention of returning phones.
    • More diversity in app requests it's not all whatsappwhatsappwhatsapp. People are asking for better games, watching movies on the SD card (not sure file format), "all the android".
    • Apps are all English/Spanish/Polish/Portuguese. Very little content in German (and I imagine others)
    • In Germany, users are much more positive but most of the people are responding to the open source "concept", not the phone itself.

Just so you know next week is our last meeting for 2013 for SuMo Mobile - satdav

Notes for the next meeting

Roland (done), see

  • Hermina/Rachel to work on call getting stuck
  • Hermina doc request to verdi's list
  • Ralph to get v1.2 running on a device (Michelle also!)
  • Work with Hermina on the logs piece

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