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SuMo Mobile Meeting

5:30PM UTC (10:30AM PT) (Held every Wednesday) Vidyo room: Michelle Luna (213) Estimated time: 25 minutes - 1 Hour

  1. sumo (IRC) is where links will be transmitted between each other.

You need to have Vidyo in order to join. Join link: Please enter guest name and then click join. To call in: +1 650 903 0800, x92 9213 +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - conf 9213

Previous Minutes

Present at meeting (enter your name here):

Mobile Meeting

Any Previous business

   tweet and share the blog about line and the sumo app
   try to get featured in the marketplace
   remind naoki about this mtg and the etherpad



Thanks to the contributors helping on the forums and in the KB!

Firefox OS and Android News and feedback

Feedback summary: FFOS v1.0 vs v1.1 very similar as a percentage happy versus sad 2250 pieces of feedback for December (largest month so far) 60% is Spanish, pt-BR is 21% of all feedback in the last 2 months 1.1 feedback is starting to become the majority Still room for improvement, largely in the area of the marketplace to make more users happy Polish users unhappy with the update problem from 1.0 to 1.1, we look forward to v1.3 coming to those users of the Alcatel devices v1.4 happiness looks more like 50%, but still very low numbers and early adopters Fx for Android Top sites feedback on Fx for Android feedback issue There was a settings issue that prevented deletion of history that caused a bit of feedback But, we would never compromise users data or share it; Roland and Rachel have responded to the threads

Firefox OS

MWC demo training

Firefox For Android

  • Firefox Android TestDay on Friday for Firefox 29. Join us! I will be there on #testday from about 8am. pacific to about 4p.m. pacific : hopefully an etherpad with more detailed instructions will be posted soon. But simply testing sync based on Firefox accounts from Android to Android or Android to Desktop would be helpful.

Anything else

FX OS information architecture is in progress. Documentation for 1.3 will start as soon as the end-user features are ready. draft of IA by the end of March v1.3 feature complete in Dec, code freeze March 17th.

Notes for the next meeting

action items: get osumo featured (michelle) tweet about line (everybody) Template available at: