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SuMo Mobile Meeting

  • 5:30PM UTC (10:30AM PT) (Held every Wednesday) in this vidyo room: Michelle Luna (213)
  • Estimated time: 25 minutes - 1 Hour
  • #sumo (IRC) is where links will be transmitted between each other.

You need to have Vidyo in order to join.

To call in:

  • +1 650 903 0800, x92 9213
  • +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - conf 9213

On Air Mozilla for viewing only :

Previous Minutes

Present at meeting (enter your name here):

  • jay aka iamjayakumars (briefly), michelle luna, ralph daub, Michal Dziewonski, Hermina Condei, Joni Savage, Roland Tangalo, jlin (on airmo)

Mobile Meeting

  • Welcome Michal! Our new L10n community manager of awesome! A million thanks to Joni and Madalina for holding fort since March!

Any Previous business

  • none


  • no update

B2G (firefox OS):

  • no update

Firefox for Android

Firefox OS

  • El Salvador launched ZTE Open II last week! Woot. Thanks to Mozilla Hispano, let us know if there are issues/articles needed. Who can look at the forum and assess threads?
  • Flame KK's latest base image v165 has been released by T2M yesterday.

Firefox For Android

Anything else

  • BuddyUp updates
    • Deeper investment in community-driven support for Firefox OS is underway
    • Live (with presence notifications in a packaged app for phase1)
    • Screensharing in phase 2 (enable users with better tools to help each other)
    • Scoping the backend with SUMOdev now and testing a very basic app for asking and answering questions

Actions for next week

Template available at:

  • mluna++ thanks for all your help! but you'll still be with us as Mozillian!! [roland: amen!, we'll miss you but you will always be in our hearts and hopefully on the forums occassionaly :-) !]