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Firefox 3.6.4 will include a new feature called "Out of process plugins", which runs plugins as separate processes from Firefox. Right now, Firefox 3.6.4 is scheduled to be released in early May, and will only include OOPP for Windows and Linux. Mac is scheduled for a later release.

Changes to Firefox

  • Plugins are run in the task manager as "mozilla-runtime.exe"
  • If a plugin crashes, Firefox will display an error message in place of the plugin, allowing you to:
    • reload the page
    • submit a crash report
    • learn more (link pointing to a KB article)
  • A preference has been added to the Advanced Options panel in the General tab, under System Defaults, called "Submit crash reports".

New Articles

Articles to update

(look for articles that have screenshots of the Advanced-General panel, and references to crashes caused by plugins)