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Definite -- "Known Knowns"

These are the changes we know will need to be reapplied to our code.

  • Forums
    • Since the support forum, at least, is a drastically modified version of the old Tiki forums, we've been looking at maintaining our implementation completely until a new support forum component can be built.
      • This may involve a good deal of one-time work convincing commentlib to work with both the new wiki and our forum.
  • Showfor
    • We all agreed not to upstream this in its current state. Until we can get it rewritten, we'll need to maintain it locally.
  • Themes
    • Obviously.
  • Search
    • Since we our needs differ from the Tiki community at-large, our search implementation remains our own. This is fairly self-contained and should not be too difficult to maintain, expect perhaps the search weighting admin pages.
  • {$tikiroot}
    • Tiki has moved to using the <base/> attribute to make links work. Our templates are built on the {$tikiroot} template variable and thus won't benefit from with <base/>. We'd like to make the value of {$tikiroot} configurable, as well.
  • Image Uploading
    • [1] We have better UX for uploading images/screencasts that did not land upstream. This will probably involve some one-time initial work to get our interface to work with the new back-end.
  • CSS Minification
    • Tiki only upstreamed JS minification (which also needs tweaking, but possibly only at the template level). We'll need to add CSS minification.
    • We also have different opinions about configuration: [2]
  • Event Signup
    • Tiki will continue to use Trackers for this sort of thing upstream.
  • Persisting locale through log in
    • Very easy, but we'll need to make sure to prevent this from regressing: [3]
  • Live Chat Feedback
    • [4] tiki-feedback.php and the forum metadata tables are not being upstreamed.
  • L10N Dashboard
    • AFAICT, it's not been upstreamed or if it has been upstreamed, it's not done in its entirety since most bugs are marked sumo_only.

Unclear -- "Known Unknowns"

These need more investigation.

  • Hard-coded Categories
    • A number of our patches (frex [5]) seem to rely on hard-coding category or other IDs. I'm not sure the extent of this.
  • Metrics Dashboard
    • [6] I'm unsure how dramatically our implementation differs from the upstream implementation. Ours is built to use external stats packages, theirs is not.
  • Limit Anonymous User Name Length
    • [7] We've done something here but with know patch, nothing happened upstream.
  • Bug 396810
    • [8] This might just be a template thing.
  • CSAT
    • I'm unclear how closely the upstream version of what we've done can mimic what we have now. [9]
  • In-product mode
    • "Perspectives have to be created for this to work. Currently, there is no UI for that, but they can be created quite easily either directly in the database or through profiles." [10]