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PostCrash project page

PostCrash Email

Subject: Your Firefox crash has been fixed

Dear Firefox user,

Some time ago you submitted a crash report and asked us to contact you when we had more info about your crash. We're happy to report that this crash has been fixed in Firefox.

If you haven't already, please download and install the latest version of Firefox from to prevent this crash from happening again.

Note that you cannot reply to this automatic message. If you're still having problems with Firefox crashing, it may be due to other issues. We've put together this resource to help:

Not sure why you received this email? Check out

Kind regards, Mozilla Firefox

You will not receive any more email about this particular crash. To unsubscribe from messages about other crash reports that you've submitted, please follow this link: *|UNSUBSCRIBE_URL|*

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Notes from using the PostCrash email feature

I talked with Robert Helmer while setting up a campaign and we noticed a few things that could be better about the process. He said he'd make some notes so that they could work on addressing them. Here are the things we saw:

  • The versions field is not very user friendly. You have to manually create a list of Firefox versions for each campaign.
  • Only one crash signature per campaign means lots of duplication. It seems that the normal use-case will be to send the same email with the same fx versions and date range to multiple crash signatures. Right now these all have to be set up as separate campaigns.
  • There is no way to see how many users you'll be emailing without setting up the whole campaign which, with the one signature per campaign limit, means that lots of repetitive work could result in not emailing any users.
  • There needs to be better filtering. I'd like to be able to filter on OS (like windows 7 vs windows XP) and also uptime (sometimes the cause of a startup crash is different from the cause of a non-startup crash). Lastly, filtering by extension/module would be awesome: "We know you have the XYZ extension, please disable it to avoid crashes"
  • Some kind of visual UI change or new pageload when clicking "send emails" would help let you know that the button click actually went through.
  • Ability to re-run a campaign with new dates. (Or even edit a campaign as new.)

Since there was a release just before setting the campaigns up, Robert asked me to wait until the next day to actually send out the emails. Also, while setting up the campaigns I ran into some signatures that didn't have any users to email even though Robert had already checked that there were, in fact, users to email. Bug 668687


  • strcmp | AuthCertificateCallback(void*, PRFileDesc*, int, int)


  • mozilla::plugins::PPluginIdentifierParent::CreateSharedMemory(unsigned int, mozilla::ipc::SharedMemory::SharedMemoryType, bool, int*)
  • nsWindow::ProcessMessage(unsigned int, unsigned int&, long&, long*)
  • nsEditor::Init(nsIDOMDocument*, nsIPresShell*, nsIContent*, nsISelectionController*, unsigned int)
  • nsBuiltinDecoder::GetBuffered(nsTimeRanges*)
  • js::Shape::trace(JSTracer*)
  • JSContext::popSegmentAndFrame
  • -[ChildView updatePluginFocusStatus:]

Also this one: said it was going to send some emails but after I saved the campaign it said the number ready was [] Maybe that's because it's the same signature as one of the 3.6 crashes and it's the same users??