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This document only covers installation of the Tiki/PHP/SVN portion of SUMO. This will go away after 2.4.

For instructions on setting up the Django/Python/Git portion, see installation.rst on Github.


  • PHP, MySQL, Apache, and you probably want Memcached.
  • PHP Memcache (not Memcached) extension.


cd /path/to/sumo
svn co .
cd webroot
sudo ./ [user] [group]
cd ..

A few less-simple steps:

  1. For any .dist files in the scripts/ directory (next to webroot/) copy them to a .php version in place.
  2. Make the DocumentRoot for whatever server or virtual server point to webroot/.
  3. Make sure AllowOverride is on, so the .htaccess files kick in:
    <Directory /some/place/sumo/webroot>
    AllowOverride all
    # You might need these, too:
    # Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    # Order allow,deny
    # Allow from all
  4. Copy webroot/db/local.php.dist to webroot/db/local.php and fill in values. $gearman_servers is vestigial and can be ignored. should take care of most everything. If not, you might see a big red heading that says something like "not installed correctly." If there is a relevant message, do what it says. If not, look in #sumodev for help.

Relationship to Django/Python/Git

While the PHP half lives at least partially in the DocumentRoot, the Python half, aka "Kitsune", should not. A good place to clone Kitsune is in the same directory that houses webroot/ or one level above that.

Kitsune is designed to run with mod_wsgi. There are instructions for setting that up as well.