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The horizontal axis is severity and describes how "bad" a given issue is. This is on a 1-5 scale as follows:

  • 1: Minor inconveniences
  • 2: Annoying but can be worked around or fixed easily
  • 3: Major inconvenience, possible/minor data loss.
  • 4: Cannot be worked around, major loss of functionality/websites, significant dataloss
  • 5: Firefox isn't usable

The vertical axis is # of support requests in the forums about this issue in a given week. (Note, as we document major things in the SUMO KB, these will naturally drop as people use our documentation rather than asking new questions.)

The letters correspond to individual issues, the colors offer a sense for how major something is and represents a combination of the two axes where things in the top right are the worst and the things in the bottom left are more minor.