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Scaling of

  • Firefox 3 beta 5 will be replacing in-product help with, likely to happen next week (wed/thurs)
    • help will redirect user to sumo front page
    • from there user can click on common articles and tutorials
  • Already having issues this week combined with other complications from release traffic
  • what we need to do
    • Get redirects up and fixed (Thurs. AM) [1] [2] - DONE
    • Turn SUMO back on post-peak-time (12pm PST?) [3] - DONE
    • Fix P1 bugs in 0.6 list before b5

Questions about where we are now

  • how many boxes serve up sumo?

We are at 8 boxes. It is on the PHP5 cluster though so these are shared boxes with most of the applications that we run.

  • how many databases are used by sumo?

Two databases - mrdb80, mrdb81. Although from my inspections it seems that sumo ONLY uses the master (mrdb80) and has no ability to scale on slaves. (See

  • is it possible to adjust NS cache rules to be more squid-like so entries don't randomly expire?
  • has there been a noticeable performance difference after the recent optimizations?
  • what's currently the bottleneck? (ex: number of hits to the database, the queries we're running, PHP execution...)

Previous bottleneck was requests to the netapp - this has now been fixed by serving pages from local disk. This took page load times from 14s to 0.5s on average.

  • what would be involved in upgrading to MySQL 5? [4]

This looks like it will be a Q2 goal.

Possible outcomes

  • configure NS to cache all sumo links more aggressively (think super-squid)
  • use squid if necessary
  • cron to auto-pull a static version of SUMO landing page from Fx help, point redirects at this static version
  • cron to auto-pull static versions of all Fx in-product pages as above
  • back out b5 patch to give us more time to test/scale (last resort)