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Adding User Permissions

Like many other features in TikiWiki, the Screencasts feature utilizes tiki's permission system to govern what user groups can upload screencasts to SUMO. Setting the "tiki_p_upload_screencast" permission is just like setting any other permission.

  • Visit the admin groups page
  • Click the "Permissions" icon for the group you'd like to add the permission to
  • Scroll down the list of available permissions until you find the "tiki_p_upload_screencast" and make sure it's selected
  • Click 'Update' to save

Configuring the Screencasts feature on SUMO

The Screencasts feature needs to be configured before it will work properly on SUMO. The preferences panel for this feature can be found at the bottom of the right column on the Administration: Wiki.

SUMO specific settings

  • Base URL for file uploads - This is the location of the webdav share set up for SUMO (only accessible from within Mozilla-MPT). Please refer to bug 489801 for the location of this share.
  • Base URL for files to be served from - This the web accessible url for streaming and viewing files. For SUMO, it is On the SUMO staging server, it is
  • Username/Password - These settings are both required to access the SUMO webdav share. Please refer to bug 489801.
  • Storage type - This needs to be set to WebDAV.

If in doubt, please refer to to the settings on Stage