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Simplifying article translation


Design a set of solutions that will result in less translators making the following mistakes:

  • Clicking the "Edit this page" link, instead of the "Translate this page" link.
  • Creating bad article titles for translations ("e", or "")
  • Not removing the "translation in progress" warning
  • "translation in progress" gets translated instead of removed
  • Creating translations, when a translation for that language is already in the staging area.
  • Translating markup that should not be translated, like article links.


  • Is the person logged in?
  • Does a translation already exist in the staging area?
  • What locale locale is the contributor currently using?


(font type, size, and style in mockups are irrelevant for now)

Person is already logged in and translation exists in staging area

Translation will be displayed.

  • Display "Edit this page" link

Person is already logged in and transition does not exist

Simple UI to create translation

  • Do not display "Edit this page" link.


  1. "Translate this page" link will create a pop-up only for translating title
    • Language to translate to is automatically determined by the locale being viewed (based on the "This article has not yet been translated to" message).
  2. After title is translated, editor will open for creating that article.
    • "translation in progress" is not added.
    • Tips on how to translate are displayed above content area.

Person is not logged in and translation does not exist

  • Do not display "Edit this page" link.

Currently the "Translate this page" link will take the visitor to a login page. The login page contains a 'How to Contribute" link. In this case, we know how they want to contribute, so the link should point to "Translating articles". Translatelogin.png After login, take them back to article, to follow the steps in "Person is already logged in and transition does not exist"

Person is not logged in and translation does exist in staging area

Same as "Person is not logged in and translation does not exist", but after login, take them to the existing translation.

Attaching translations

Attaching and detaching translations is an advanced feature, that we mostly use for troubleshooting translation issues. tiki-edit_translation.php should still work, if accessed manually.

Non-English contributors wanting to edit English articles

Not logged in

Manually change the locale in the URL to en-US for the "Edit this page" link to show up.

Logged in

Go to Account user preferences, and add English to the list of preferred languages. If the locale of the article is in the list of preferred languages, the "Edit this page" link will appear.


(will be filed after PRD is final)

  • Remove "Edit this page" link for visitors viewing an article not translated to the visitor's language.
  • Do not add "Translation in progress" note when creating a translation.
  • Login page when clicking on "Translate this page" should link to how to translate articles, not how to contribute.
  • Article name prompt when clicking on "Translate this page".
  • Display translation tips above content area when translating an article.