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This page outlines the plan to get small screen templates support for (SUMO).

Basic Requirements

  • The small screen support should enable users to enjoy a smooth and easy-to-read experience on SUMO using devices with small screens, like mobiles.
  • The templates should not be a reduced subset of the site, but merely focus on making the available content easier to read and navigate.

Template Priority

The following templates need to be optimized for small screens, preferably in this order so we have the option to parallelize some of the implementation:

  1. Start page templates
  2. Support articles
  3. Search results
  4. Ask a Question
  5. Individual forum thread
  6. Forum thread listing


Jason: please help to fill this out with more detail!

  • All templates finalized: February 1st


  • Decide on priority of content for templates (e.g. do we want the "Have a problem?" section to come before "Learn more about firefox 4" on the front page?) - Michael / ETA January 1st