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How to write awesome documentation

Slides Here
We all want people to RTFM. SUMO depends on that so we've been working hard on making a better FM. In this session we'll share what we've learned about making awesome documentation.

In this session we'll:

  • Go over the techniques that make documentation engaging and why they work.
  • Walk through a SUMO article re-write, explaining our thought process.
  • Answer questions.

Host: Michael Verdi (IRC:michaelverdi)

How SUMO can help other teams in Mozilla

How we can do more for teams like Engagement, Engineering, QA. It could focus on what we're doing today and list things like what metrics we can provide. Above all be a free-form discussion where people from various teams can provide feedback and propose ideas on how we can do better and collaborate more efficiently.

  • Host: Cheng Wang (IRC:Cww)

Kitsune Knowledge Base demo (not approved)

This session will be a demonstration and walkthrough of the wireframes and user interaction developed for the new SUMO Knowledge Base. Particpants will be encouraged to provide feedback.

In this session we'll:

  • Step though wireframes and user interaction with one or more participants as a demonstration.
  • Encourage particpants and observers to provide feedback.

Hosts: Chris Ilias (IRC:cilias), Michael Verdi (IRC:michaelverdi), and Kadir Topal (IRC:Topal)

Lightning talks

Helping Everyone

How people (even those outside Mozilla) can get involved with support and answer one question per day in the forum.

  • Host: Kadir Topal (IRC:Topal)

Science Fair projects

Kitsune forum

Demo of the new support forums.

  • Host: Cheng Wang (IRC:Cww)

Live Chat

Explanation of how live chat works, which users seek live chat, and what is needed to make it work. Then a discussion to share ideas/mockups/demos about how to improve live chat. (May be a session)

  • Host: Matthew Middleton (IRC:zzxc)