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Months ago I talked to Alex Faaborg about the possibility of some kind of new user tutorial inside Firefox. He suggested doing something with arrow panels. I think he said they could contain anything/web content.

Lately I've been thinking it would be great to make something that taught people how to use the web (not necessarily Firefox) and do it in a way that was beautiful, engaging, used super cool tech (like our demos for web developers) and was available inside Firefox. Kind of like, Web O' Wonder + Tech Support care package + Help Menu

Bad initial mockup

Of course it would be great if this stuff could also be available on the web - maybe as part of SUMO. Then we could point to it from our engagement channels too (newsletter, twitter, facebook, etc.).

I talked to Jane about this. She suggested talking to Mayumi as this may be more of her domain. Also, if this is something that could be in-product, UX will also have to be involved.