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   * Scoutlabs doesn't do well with twitter
   * is powerful for lots of searches at once and being pretty comprehensive but lacks historical data
   * is probably my favorite for now since I can click on particular items and get posts so I can see what people are saying about "Crash" etc.
   * Cotweet is much less geared towards metrics and more towards acting on tweets but we're already using it for other things so this would be easy to build in.
   * Marketing may be working on a tool but timeline is unknown
  1. Searches have to be very carefully set up. Even quick searches show that at least 1/3rd of all tweets that have "Firefox problem" are "I have a problem with IE/Chrome/Safari, switching to Firefox"
  2. Twitter has an API to collect tweets that we can code off of
   * If all we need is common/trending words as well as volume, this could work well.
   * Can have the following features
         o Archived list of all tweets
         o Analysis by trending words and ability to segment the tweets by time, by words used, by user
         o Can quickly locate words with simple DB searches
         o Can annotate various tweets with data like tags
   * Traffic is low enough that we won't have to worry about API limits as long as we don't try to do too many searches.
   * Hard to build tools that other people (not me) can use since it'll all be command-line + MySQL queries
   * May be a good stopgap if the marketing tool actually happens