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Guidelines for creating videos for the Firefox Support video contest

  • Try to stay on a specific topic. Make sure you're only teaching the user how to do one thing. Only cover the topics that an article covers. For many articles it might even be a good idea to cover each section in its own video.
  • Try to adhere to the article script as much as possible, unless you feel the changes you make are an improvement.
  • Feel free to cover a new topic that doesn't have an article written for it. If you do, try and keep the first two guidelines in mind. Create the video the way you would want the article written.
  • Narrate. If possible, include a narration of some sort, whether it be in the form of a voiceover or speech balloons.
  • Don't oversize your videos. Try not to make people maximize their browser window, just to see the entire video. A couple of ways around this are to not record the entire screen, or resize the video dimensions.
  • Present Firefox in its most familiar form, which means using as many default settings as possible, including the default Firefox theme, and default operating system theme.
  • Flash format is preferred. If you can't find a way of converting our videos to flash, YouTube converts videos upon upload.