Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2010-05-10

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Knowledge Base

  • Kitsune KB PRD report
  • Helpfulness Tests:
    • How to set the home page rewrite
    • Profiles rewrite
    • Home page categories (needs review)
    • Embeded screencasts (needs review) To see the example, click on show for Mac os and the first video is the example. To implement, I'll have to make new screencasts for the Windows version and add them to the current article and then construct the test page from that.
  • Verbatim documentation: I drafted an article and screencast but a solution for importing the current SUMO interface strings was found. The article will get split in two and rewritten as general Verbatim instructions.


Live Chat

  • Results from informal contributor survey
    • Users more grateful in Live Chat (instant gratification)
    • Live Chat has a lot of contributor churn than the Forum. Fewer helpers are "lost" in weeks with fewer questions
    • A lot of contributors like the live chat workflow, and it has advantages for certain types of users.
      • How can we incorporate more of what makes Live Chat work into other methods of support, and how can we better focus our real-time support resources?