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Meeting Details (scroll down for the agenda)

(meeting duration approx. 45 minutes) starting at: 17:00 UTC [1]

Northern winter Northern summer
09:00 PT 10:00 PDT
11:00 CST 12:00 CDT
17:00 UTC 17:00 UTC
18:00 CET 19:00 CEST
22:30 IST 22:30 IST

Call Details

  • California: 1-650-903-0800, pin 2 then 8437 then #
  • Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, pin 2 - then 8437 then #
  • Skype (free): +1 800 707 2533, pin 2 - then 8437 then #


Live chat

  • SUMO - Matrix channel

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Please add your name and your SUMO profile link (you can also attend our event in the community portal):


(Please link to their profile and the reason for the mention)

  1. Shout out to Mark Heijl for his amazing job getting dutch article translations (incl. all the pocket ones) to a 100%!. And thank you Tim for bringing this to our attention!



  1. Kiki is back!!! Welcome back Kiki! :D
  2. Welcome David Rubino, Product Manager for Firefox Desktop - David Rubino will share the new “Competitive Tactics” process and both advise and take input on how the support community can help us be on the lookout for what our our competition is doing to try to take users from Firefox


  1. FireFox accounts Rebrand: Firefox accounts is becoming Mozilla accounts. You can learn more about that here: Firefox accounts renamed to Mozilla accounts: What you need to know
    1. Over the years, Firefox accounts expanded its role beyond being solely an authentication solution for Firefox Sync. It now serves as Mozilla's main authentication and account management service for a wide range of products and services, supporting millions of active account customers globally. As such, the original "Firefox" branding no longer accurately reflects the broad scope of Mozilla's offerings.
    2. Editorial guidelines for Mozilla accounts


Check out the bi-weekly Support Release scrum Recording for details on upcoming releases. Follow up with JR if you have any questions about whats upcoming.

Desktop V119 (Oct 24)

  • Review Checker integration into Firefox Desktop V119 and Android/IOS V12
    1. Foxfooding is in progress currently. NDA'd contributors on Slack can join the Foxfooding channel non NDA'd contributors who are interested can get an invite. Share your preferred email with Sarto and we will ask the Foxfooding team to invite you.
    2. We will be running a campaign similar to previous Major release sentiment tracking campaigns we have done in the past. We will request assistance in identifying inbound specific to the review checker integration, to label and add those questions to a tracking spreadsheet. More details to come via a discussion thread on SUMO in the upcoming weeks.
    3. When this lands, it will be US only to start and will only work on 3 shopping sites. We should expect some follow up time to quality check the integration , add functionality, and ensure its working as intended in the US before it looks to be expanded to more shopping stores and regions.
  • Edit PDFs by adding images and alt text
  • Firefox view Updates

Mobile V119



  • Thunderbird 115.4.1 (we skipped 115.4.0) is coming out later this week or next. More than 60% of 102 users have upgraded to 115. Looking good!


  1. Call for Localization Help!: We need your help with localization for the Firefox accounts renamed to Mozilla accounts: What you need to know article. We will also begin publishing updates to 150+ articles changing "Firefox accounts" to "Mozilla accounts" prior to the Nov 1st rebrand launch. We appreciate any help localizing these articles (Note: this localization work should be prioritized over Pocket work).
  1. Upcoming updates to the Writing Guidelines and How to Capture Screenshots articles:
    1. Writing guide for Knowledge Base articles
    2. How to make Screenshots
  2. We are currently filling two Content staff roles - a FTE Content Strategist to focus on new products/experiments & localization and a 6-month technical writer contract to help us audit our Firefox KB content. More to come!
  3. Pocket KB & Localization Contributions (related discussion)


  1. We need more votes on this idea!
  2. What do you call a large number of Firefox users? A Mozillian! Liked that joke and want some more? Check this page out: