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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-11-24

Attendees: djst, cilias, cww, zzxc, lucy


  • Weekly metrics
    • All articles in "Bottom 5 rated "understandable" articles" had more yes votes, than no votes.
      • Could be because people who find an article hard to understand don't read it to the end. Doesn't make the stats less valid though.
  • Last week's weekly support issues
    • Cww to blog about getting leads for issues
  • SFD post mortem
    • Almost 100% of visitors came from (something) (default Mozilla start page)
    • What worked well?
      • Having someone moderating (Asa), backing up the main person was really useful. Good to get questions highlighted; easy to miss when you're doing an interview at the same time.
    • What could be improved?
      • Give people an earlier heads up at the MV office
      • We could do a better job of putting prerecorded on demand content before and after the actual event
      • Should collect email addresses prior to event to send out reminders
      • Should collect email addresses during the event to follow up with new people interested in getting involved
    • Next SFD let's do it on a Thursday to ensure more contributors are available to help new people the day after the event
    • Stuff left to do
      • Wiki page summarizing Mozilla 2010 goals so far.... everyone to provide feedback and cww to upload to the Mozilla Wiki.
      • djst to blog about the event

Knowledge Base

  • Low traffic:
    • 0 articles in review que for the past week.
    • What changes there are have been new translations.
  • Notable article changes:
    • The ActiveX article is being changed to not mention the ActiveX of Mozilla plugin.
    • SHOWFOR will be removed from the For Internet Explorer users article. [1]
  • I've proposed some changes to in-product help. [2]
  • Looking for someone to write the article on Private Browsing bug 463477
  • Article editor PRD is under review. [3]


  • Contributor forum should only allow new threads for logged in "Contributor" users
  • Need to make it clearer that the Contributor forum isn't the Support forum

Live Chat

  • Fewer helpers last week, only 4 people taking chats.
  • Total chat sessions down about 10%, percent answered still ~75%
  • 6 new accounts, 0 new approvals, 1 unapproval
  • Top issues: sqlite (cookies, bookmarks) corruption, preferences not saved, firewall connections, Mac random crashing (all bug 459531)
  • Trainees queue and joining queue when closed will be fixed as soon as SVN is pushed live
  • Security bug 464779 doesn't currently affect our builds, but it does affect Openfire's own binaries.