Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2010-01-24

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Sumo Development

  • 2.4.3 freeze tomorrow.
    • AoA L10n is the big thing in this milestone.
    • Other fixes as well.
  • Work continues on 2.5.

Michael and David to finalize the Mobile Support Pages info


  • We are reviving our Twitter account:!/moz_sumo
  • Army of Awesome localization is coming up, release is this week, but announcement will be next week, giving people time to localize the signpost messages.
  • ordered t-shirts for all contributors


Kadir and Cheng to find out how much info we have about localized articles in out top 1000 visted list David to give Cheng feedback on how to count questions for mobile

Knowledge Base

  • Fx 4 Updates all day, every day
  • Working on a list of top articles that localizers should focus on for the Fx 4 release
  • Trying to limit the amount of support phone calls we get and trying to more effectively funnel the ones we do get to SUMO.

Kadir to set up a page to let localizers know which articles are finalized (beyond top 20).


  • Emails about questions have broken links, so we won't include answers in mails anymore

Live Chat

Vast majority (80%) of questions are add-on related lately.