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Proposed sessions

  • Overview/walkthrough of SUMO webapp
    • Purpose: To get everyone on the same page about what's possible with our webapp today. This will help speed up our project planning for sub-projects like Mobile, etc.
    • Host: Cheng
  • 2011 goals / brainstorm
  • Q&A with Mitchell
    • Unfortunately Mitchell is on vacation this week. Will figure out a plan B.
  • KB PRD session
    • Purpose: To make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding the new KB. Michael and Kadir will answer all conceptual questions, chowse will be there for design related questions and webdev could answer implementation related questions.
    • Guests: chowse
    • Hosts: Kadir & Michael
  • l10n session
    • Purpose: To learn from l10n drivers' experiences with dealing with l10n priorities from competing projects.
    • Guest: Seth B
  • Q3 status and planning
  • Q4 goals planning
  • Optimizing the processes of getting new people into the community
    • Purpose: To show how interested contributors actually make their way into the community, and discuss ways to improve our pages or processes to increase the quantity and quality of new contributors.
    • Host: Kadir
  • The new Karma system
    • Purpose: This is a brain storming session to get started on the new Karma system for the forums. It'll be used for gathering of ideas and setting the general direction of the new system.
    • Host: Kadir
  • Mobile session (guests: Caitlin, Ragavan)