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Goal: Identify and document/publish more areas of responsibilities that community members can take ownership of

Rationale Currently we ask people in very general terms to contribute to SUMO. However there are very specific things we need help with, and it's easier for contributors to start somewhere when they have a good understanding of what it is we need. These pages (or page) could be linked from the how to contribute page to offer people more information up front about an area they have shown interest in.

Information needed:

  • List of areas we currently offer
  • List of areas we should offer
  • A 'job decription' for each area, with know-how needed to fill in position


  • Brainstorming with the team [October 27]
  • Done: Meet with community to come up with additional areas and positions to fill in [2nd week of November]
  • Create sections of 'your contribution needed' on sub landing pages [December 23rd]

Announcements: forum, mailing list, IRC meeting, blog (4th week of December)

Current Plan

More permanent-ish areas of responsibilities:

  • en-US KB Editing and updating
  • KB Proof reader (clean up)
  • KB Mac reviewer
  • KB Windows Reviewer
  • KB Linux (Ubuntu?) Reviewer
  • Screencast producer
  • Screenshot creator (mac/win/linux)
  • Firefox mobile forum helper
    • Android
    • Maemo
    • Apple
  • Live Chat Welcomer - someone who introduces people to using the system, and encourages people to help in the forum/AoA if LC is closed
  • Forum tagging/tag cleanup
  • Crash investigation (look for forum threads with crash tag and looks up all the crash information)

More temporary positions:

  • Firefox 4 Beta support in the forums - someone who focuses specifically on answering questions with the "beta" tag, and maybe works more closely with the Beta feedback reporting team